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Friday, May 24, 2013

Coffee Table made from Old Trundle Bed Frame

Well, I had this old trundle bed frame sitting out in my yard for four years. One day I thought I might do a little rearranging of junk (true junkers rearrange never throw away right?) Anyway....I thought that frame would make a great table!  I had some salvaged wood kicking around so my husband cut and secured the boards to fit just right on the frame. I bought the metal strip things (sorry, I don't know the name, I just liked the design and purpose of them) at Home Depot. I put down some black pastic and layed the metal strips on it and then poured some mueratic acid on and then covered for a few hours. Then set the strips in the sun to cure. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THAT ACID!!!!!! WEAR A FACE MASK AND USE OUTSIDE AND NO CHILDREN AROUND!!!!Read directions!
 Okay, the strips were rusted and ready to apply to the table. I also sprinkled a little acid on the screws to rust them up. Screwed then into each little hole. Perfect!  Then brushed on some clear satin varnish.  It turned out pretty darn nice! Don't you think?  I hope my info. was clear. This was a fun project. Cheap and easy just like I like it!
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Favorite Painting Clothes

All us true artist have our favorite painting clothes, right? I love these snappy little pants because they have an elastic waist(easy on and off when I have to stop what I'm painting and run a delivery for my  job) a pocket for my phone and they are sooo comfy! Notice the flip flop paint line. My husband just shakes his head.  Reminds me of that funny video I saw the other day. We would love to see your fave paint clothes.  Just neck down is fine.  Have a great day!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Coffee table I made from an old pop-up trundle bed and rustic wood planks from an old fence. I will be posting a tutorial soon.